Pure Carrot Lotion Review

by Anthony Onwuaju
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Hello, today we are going to discuss about pure carrot lotion, there are many things the lotion does on the skin that you need to know, apparently it has 4 types which are Bio balance, kojic balance, gold, and flawless.I bought the lotion in the market which is the bio balance and I start to use it the first week of using it, the lotion was good after two weeks of using it I started noticing some pimples on my back, and once the pimple cleared off it will leave a dark spot on my back.

Although I did not mix the lotion with the serum, so I went to the market and get the gold color I start to use the gold lotion and the same pimple is still coming out from my back.

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What I noticed about this lotion is that the lotion has steroids, the steroid helps the lotion to lighten more, and some skin due reacts to the lotion.

The pure carrot gold lotion is good it lightens your skin and gives your skin a good complexion, and it also smoother the skin.

The pure carrot lotion comes in 450ml and the gold contains arbutin for fair and lightening lotion. The lotion helps prevents excessive production of melanin skin cell resulting in brightening and fairer skin, in addition to its skin lightening abilities, pure carrot gold lotion soften and give your skin a uniform skin tone.

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