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Aneeza Gold Beauty Soap




Aneeza gold beauty soap is as gentle and natural way to keep your skin looking beautiful and gorgeous, it’s moisturizing natural oils and plant extract leaves your skin soft smooth and glowing.

How To Use Aneeza Gold Beauty Soap

Make your skin wet with water and rub the soap on your skin and massage for 1-2 minutes before rinse thoroughly, do it regularly twice a day for best results.

More Details
  1. Brand: Aneeza Gold
  2. Use For: Face & Body
  3. Skin Type: All Skin Type
  4. Made In: Pakistan
  5. Weight: 0.3kg
  6. (6 pcs) Weight: 1.8kg
  7. USD Price: $1.8
  8. Chat Us: +2348147224088

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