Does Orbi 20 Face Cream Really Works On The Face

  • June 19, 2023
  • 4 min read
Does Orbi 20 Face Cream Really Works On The Face

Orbi 20 Face Cream is a very active face cream that works on the face and it treats different types of skin issues that you have been battling for a long time.

Orbi 20 face cream contains a powerful and nourishing fruity booster that helps you to get rid of all skin problems. Its active ingredients and fruity boosters effective for all skin problems while its rich moisture pamper and protect your skin and give tone to your complexion.

Orbi 20 anti-marks cream its aim to keep your skin marks free, freckle free, pinkish glowing, young and glair even tone healthy skin with more than 95% fruity extracts and naturally derived ingredients without any other secondary reaction and most suitable for all skin types.

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Its fruity boosters contain fresh fruit extracts that will puncture on your palm, because some unique fruity extracts lose their efficiency in our climate temperature. Therefore, we have injected it in a special cover. It brings pure extracts on your palm, not necessary to keep it out its cover.

Orbi 20 face cream

Its cover will provide you more precious benefits of fresh fruity extracts on your palm and disappears when you will mash it. It becomes only possible after the unique technical research of white gold international which is committed to provide safest beauty to human beings.

Treats & suitable for the followings: Pimples & acne marks, Acne & Psoriasis, Under eye dark circles, Freckles (Light & Dark), Black nose head spots, Vitiligo, Color-blotches & age spots (anywhere on the body), Remove the darkness of tired looking circles under eye, Remove tans & Sun spots, Fade Dark lines associated with aging.

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What Is Orbi 20 Face Cream

Orbi 20 is an anti-marks face cream that is meant to treat all the skin issues on your face and prevent pimples, acne, wrinkles, etc.

How To Use Orbi 20 Face Cream

Wash face & neck with white gold brightening Creamy face wash, Dry your face well & put some quantity of cream from the jar on your palm, mash the fruity boosters then apply thin layer of mashed cream on your face, apply little bit thick layer on problem area as (acne marks, pimples, freckles, dark circles, sun spots, age spots etc). Please don’t rub. Keep it in cool & dry place. Don’t use cream when you take steam/heat or in direct sunlight.

Orbi 20 face cream

Orbi 20 Face Cream Ingredients

  • 2-palmitoyloxymethyl-5-palmitoyloxy pyrone
  • Sodium L-Ascorbyl- 2-phosphate
  • 1-hexadecanol
  • Octadecyl alcohol
  • Titanium (iv) oxid, Monostearin
  • Dibutyl hydroxytoluene (E321)
  • Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate
  • Propyl p- hydroxybenzoate
  • (E216)
  • Multi-hydrocarbon
  • Propane-1
  • PEG-150 Stearate
  • Steareth-20
  • Propanyl tetradecanoate
  • Cyclic Polydimethyl siloxane Polymers
  • Carbomer
  • Color grb (255,255,0)
  • EDTA
  • Perfume & Special Method of Making.

What Is The Work Of Orbi 20 Face Cream

  • It contains a powerful and nourishing fruity booster that helps to get rid of all skin problems
  • It aims to keep your skin marks free and freckles
  • It treats and prevent pimples, acne marks, under eye circle, and age spots.
  • It removes tan & sun spots, fade dark line associated with aging.

Does Orbi 20 Face Cream Contain Mercury

No, it doesn’t contain mercury.

Which Country That Produced Orbi 20 Cream

The original orbi 20 products was produced in Pakistan but it been distributed by Dubia, China, Nigeria, etc.

Side Effect Of Orbi 20 Face Cream

The face has no side effects.

Where To Buy Original Orbi 20 Face Cream

You can buy the face cream from Tony Best Cosmetics and we deliver to any location in the world call/WhatsApp us at +2348147224088

How To Know Fake And Original Orbi 20 Face Cream

Now you can verify the original orbi 20 face cream (white gold International) products anywhere in the world by following 3 easy steps.

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Step1: By using your mobile set, download the mobile app “whitegoldverifyme”. Android phone users can download the app “whitegoldverifyme” from Google play and Iphone users from app store.

Step2: After downloading the app “whitegoldverifyme” scratch the “QR CODE” from the sticker placed on the side of the wrapper and scan the “QR CODE” by using “whitegoldverifyme” app scanner.

Step3: After scanning the “QR CODE”, the system automatically generated message will received on your mobile to confirm that the product is “ORIGINAL” or “FAKE” as shown below. Each unique “QR CODE” is workable for 1 time only.

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