How To Use Mielle Hair Oil

Let’s talk about how to use Mielle Hair Oil on your hair, Mielle hair oil helps to strengthen the hair, there are some questions people ask about the oil, which as if you wash or leave it after applying on your hair so I thought to write an article about it.

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How To Use Meille Hair Oil

Once you wash your hair then it is the perfect time to apply the oil to your hair, you will drop some drops of the oil on your hair and also on your scalp, after you have applied the drop of you wish to apply then you will massage the oil on your hair and scalp.

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After applying the Mielle hair oil to your hair don’t wash it out, it stays it will stay in your hair until the next wash day which could be 3 days, a week, or a month depending on what you are doing with your hair at that time.

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