Does Lumine Lotion Contain Hydroquinone

  • August 21, 2023
  • 2 min read
Does Lumine Lotion Contain Hydroquinone

Does lumine lotion contain hydroquinone that is the question people are asking about Lumine lotion and they really want to know if truly lumine lotion contains hydroquinone or not, in this post you will know everything about Lumine lotion.

Lumine lotion is a toning body lotion that effectively lightens firms, specially formulated to improve the skin texture and tone.

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The lotion is infused with natural organic oil, carrot oil, and vegeclarine to leave the skin looking luminous, gracious, and glowing.

This lotion inspires you to discover how beautiful you are and it enhances your skin naturally with natural fruit extract and aromatic oil scented for a perfect uniform toner with moisturizing and glaring effects.

Does lumine lotion contain hydroquinone

It’s amazing active plant ingredients with lightening and glowing agents that give the skin instantly glowing and tightening effects, day after day, your skin will become much lighter and fresher.

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Does Lumine Lotion Contain Hydroquinone

Lumine lotion has different colors which include Gold, Half Cast, and Carrot. Half Cast contains 0.5% hydroquinone while gold and carrot don’t contain hydroquinone.

Lumine lotion is good to apply on the skin, if you have fair skin I will advise you to be using the half-cast or carrot but those with dark skin should go for gold or carrot, it will help to smoothen and keep your skin healthy.

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How To Use Lumine Lotion

Apply on clean skin after showering and apply the lotion all over your face and body, for quicker results you should add lumine serum to it.

Does lumine lotion contain hydroquinone

Benefits Of Lumine Lotion

  1. It is lightening and toning lotion
  2. It an anti-aging lotion
  3. It improves the skin texture
  4. It makes the skin look luminous, gracious, and glowing
  5. It enhances your skin naturally with natural fruit extract.

Where To Buy Lumine Lotion

You can buy your Lumine lotion at Tony Best Cosmetics we deal in quality cosmetics products both wholesale and retail and we deliver worldwide call/WhatsApp us at +2348147224088 or click here to chat with us

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