CT+ Clear Therapy Extra Lightening Lotion Review

  • September 5, 2023
  • 4 min read
CT+ Clear Therapy Extra Lightening Lotion Review

Today we will give a review of CT+ Clear Therapy Extra Whitening Lotion, In this content you will learn the benefits of the lotion, the side effects, whether it bleach or not, and other important things about the lotion.

CT+ clear therapy extra lightening lotion is a milk formula specially developed for pigmentation problems. Authentic skin-lightening therapy is a fruit acid complex targeting pigmentation spots formed due to sun damage, age, and pregnancy.

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The unifying action of the highly concentrated CT+ gives you a flawless complexion and the lightning skin tone that you desire on your skin.

CT+ lotion has been in existence for a long and a lot of people are giving good reviews about the lotion it clears dark spots from their skin, and it also softens their skin making it look healthy.

I have seen some cases where some people complain that CT+ lotion is not good for their skin and that it most times gives them sunburn or redness on their skin which I confirm.

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CT+ clear therapy extra lightening lotion is good in terms of lightning, brightening, or whitening but if you are fair in skin color if you want to avoid sunburn stop mixing hard serum with the CT+ lotion because that is what usually causes sunburn, in some case if you want to mix it with the serum I will advise you apply sunscreen to your skin it will also help to protect your skin against sunburn.

CT+ clear therapy extra lightening lotion comes in two sizes which are 500ml (big size) and 250ml small size). The lotion is owned by Dream Cosmetics is company in Abidjan in Cote d’Ivoire.

CT+ clear therapy extra lightening lotion

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How To Use CT+ Lotion

Cleans your skin before applying the lotion and you can apply it twice a day after shower or bath and it only for adult, children below 18yrs are not allowed to use it.

CT+ Clear Therapy Extra Lightening Lotion Ingredients

  • BHT
  • LOROL C16
  • LOROL C18

Ct+ Lotion Side Effects

The lotion has no side effects but if you want to maintain your soft skin don’t apply it with harsh serum.

What Does CT+ Lotion Do

It helps exfoliate the dead cells and make skin bright and radiant. The combination of natural nutrients brightens the skin to a perfect glow.

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Can I Use CT+ Lotion On My Face

Yes, you can use it because it is for all skin types.

How Long Does It Take For CT+ To Work

It takes 1-2 months before you start seeing the effects on your skin, although according to a client review, she reviews that she started seeing the work of the lotion within 3 weeks.

Benefits Of CT+ Clear Therapy Extra Lightening Lotion

  1. It helps to fight presentation problems on your skin
  2. With the fruit acid, it targets and fights against spots formed due to sun damage, age, and pregnancy
  3. The lotion gives you flawless skin if you keep on applying it always
  4. It lightens the skin.

Does CT+ Lotion Contains Hydroquinone

Yes, it contains 0.5% hydroquinone.

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