Active Caviar Drip Lotion Side Effects

Active Caviar Drip Lotion Side Effects

Jan 19, 2024

Let’s discuss more active caviar drip lotion side effects before that see how active caviar drip lotion works. Active caviar drip lot in is a strong whitening lotion is a perfect combination of anti-aging ingredients with natural skin-whitening ingredients.

The lotion also brightens the skin tone lighten darken areas and can help with the appearance of scars.

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Types Of Active Caviar Drip Lotion

  • Arbutin + Licorice > strong whitening lotion (black color)
  • Vitamin C + Turmeric > firming + whitening lotion (orange color)
  • Gluta C150000mg Injection > super bleaching body milk (gold color)
  • Kojie San > skin lightening body lotion (white color).
Active Caviar drip lotion side effects

Active Caviar Drip Lotion Side Effects

The Active Caviar drip lotion has different types so fair skin people are to use arbutin + licorice and kojie San. While chocolate skin can use the vitamin C + tumeric, any skin types can use the gluta c injection.

But note that when using the lotion don’t mix it with harsh serum or concentrate because most times it can result give you sunburn on your face.

If you properly use the lotion it won’t give you side effects because the lotion doesn’t have any side effects.

Benefits Of Using Active Caviar Drip Lotion

  1. It whitens the skin
  2. It helps to fade away dark spots
  3. It moisturizes the skin
  4. It makes the skin soft and smooth
  5. It is an anti-aging lotion
  6. It helps to brighten the skin
  7. It clears the appearance of scars on the skin
  8. It removes excess melanin from the skin
  9. It helps to promote even skin tone

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