3 Natural Homemade Serum For Glowing Skin

by Anthony Onwuaju
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Taking good care of our skin is very very important because the skin is the largest organ of our whole body, the skin on the hand particularly needs more tender and loving care because it is regularly exposed to the outside elements, sunlight, dust, pollution, and sweat may damage it, so it needs to be protected to retain its glow and health.


Some facial serums are good to protect your skin using a natural serum is not only going to protect your face from future damage but also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


First, let us understand how to apply face serum, every morning and evening apply the serum after cleaning your face after that you may put any other skin products if required any serum should be applied very lightly so it gets absorbed and does not irritate the skin.


Use about 4 drops and apply it gently with your fingertips around your face and neck slightly pat and make it smooth, till it is completely absorbed in your skin, let us see how to make these 3 face serums at home for different skin types. These face serums can be prepared and kept in the fridge for a few days but it is good to prepare them fresh whenever you want to use them.


For Dry Skin mix 1 tablespoon full of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of honey, and 1 teaspoon full of aloe vera juice, apply these about 3-4 drips every time and store the rest for next use. Aloe vera gel is a natural moisturizer that soothes sunburn and lightens scars. Coconut oil acts as a natural sunscreen that reduces pigmentation and dark circles it also cures infection because it has antimicrobial properties.


Honey provides rich moisture to your skin and removes fine line and give a natural glow to your skin.


For Oily Skin mix 1 teaspoon full of tomato juice and 1 teaspoon full of honey again, and apply about 3-4 drops at a time on the face and neck and store the rest for the next use.


Tomato juice brightens up oily skin it has astringent effects it cleanses and shrinks pores for oil skin, honey reduces sebum production reduces redness and breakout of pimples.


For Sensitive Skin Dissolve 1 teaspoon of sugar in 3 teaspoons of raw milk and apply about 3-4 drops at a time and store the rest for the next day, raw milk tones your skin by gently nourishing and hydrating.


Sugar helps rejuvenate your skin by cleaning all the dirt from the skin pores and making your skin more radiant.


These natural face serums can help to thoroughly hydrate your skin and make your skin radiant by preparing this at home you can proactively care for your skin along with this you must also remember to take a balanced diet with plenty of water, fresh air, and exercise, more importantly having a positive attitude and cultivating goodwill towards all makes you good from inside out.

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